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GF 110mm F2 and GF 23mm F4 ( IMAGES TO SHARE)

Thanks to Fujifilm Singapore.. managed to get my hands on these 2 new lenses which was just announced today !

Amazing lenses !! definitely a great addition to the arsenal of GF lenses
Just sharing some images below taken with these new lenses.


The GF 23 mm F4 lens ( 18 mm f3.2 on 35 mm equivalent )

The filter size is 82mm .. slightly larger than the GF 32-64 mm which is at 77mm
But the lens is slightly shorter compared to the GF 32-64 mm
Its also slightly lighter at 845 grams vs 875 grams

I have always liked to shoot wide angle… even for portraits..
So was looking forward to this lens when I saw the road map
This is especially so with a 50 mp camera.
The kind of details I can get on GFX would be amazing with the lens.

Here are some images taken with the lens.
Both images are taken at f4



I really love this lens..
As with other GF lenses, the build quality of the lens is great.
And coupled with the GFX, it does not feel too heavy.
Alot of times, with wide angle lenses, we worry about distortions, and softness of the images.
But this image did not give me such problems..

Personally, besides, portraits, I can see myself using this lens for weddings as well.

Did not managed to try this on landscapes for the past week.. but would love to try it for some landscape images..

The next lens is the GF 110 mm f2 ( 86 mm f1.6 on 35 mm equivalent )

The filter size is 77mm .. slightly larger than the GF 120 mm which is at 72mm
But the lens is slightly shorter compared to the GF 120 mm
Its also heavier at 1010 grams vs 980 mm

This lens !!! what can I say..
The focusing is fast..
The Bokeh is fantastic !!!
Definitely the kind of lens portrait photographers would love

Check out the images below !


more images can be seen here

Singapore Cityscapes with Fujifilm GFX + GF 23 mm


Artbox Singapore + Fujifilm GFX + GF 110mm

more images taken with GF110 mm f2

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