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GFX 50s + GF 100-200 mm

I realized that I forgot to blog about this very underrated lens from the GFX series.
Was traveling too much in the last few months that I totally forgot about this.

Alot of people probably do not pay much attention to this lens because its not a fast lens.. ( f5.6 )
And the focal length is probably not very exciting ( 100-200mm )

Just some specs about the lens below

f=100-200mm (equivalent to 79-158mm in the 35mm film format)
Max. aperture f5.6
Min. aperture f32
Weight (approx.) 1,050g
Filter size φ67mm

I love the weight of the lens, and at slightly over 1kg, its actually quite light.
The OIS is very effective as well..

If the photographer loves to shoot images with a shallow depth of field,
then of cos this lens will not be for him.

However, not all images need a shallow depth of field
And even for wildlife photography, this lens can be suitable as well
( check out the video at the bottom of this post)

I was using this lens with the GFX50s In Sepang Race track a few months ago.

Firstly, alot of people will ask.. is the medium format camera capable of shooting race cars ?
Then second question is.. what kind of lens can we use for that ?

Well, the GFX50s is definitely capable of tracking race cars..
( and Yes, the GFX100 will even outperform this, although I have not tried it on cars yet)
The GF 100-200 mm lens is the perfect lens for this, as compared to the GF 250 mm lens
Because a prime lens might be restrictive at times, and the zoom lens definitely gives us more flexibility in such scenarios.
It is not a heavy lens, so even though I was using it handheld in the hot afternoon, I do not find it tiring. (  panning images with heavier lens, will definitely be daunting)
The images from the lens are superb too
Check out the images below..




I also managed to bring this lens to India earlier this year to take pictures of the wildlife there.( I was using a pre production set at that time)
At that focal length with a 1.4TC, it was just right. (gives  you a focal length range of 110-221 mm in the 35 mm film format )

Shooting wildlife in India is very different from Africa
Its more forested, and the jungle can get pretty dense at times.
So sometimes, a super long lens might not work very well.. not like in Africa, where there are huge areas across the Savannah.

Having said that, of cos it will be good if the lens is a f2.8 lens..
Then I can get pretty shallow depth of field in the Jungle.
However, it is probably not viable or cost effective to have it at f2.8

But it really performs quite nicely
There are times when the vehicle did not come to a full stop yet,
and I still managed to get the images, helped by the OIS and fast focusing.

Check out the photos in the video below
Video was shot with the XT3

In conclusion, for an affordable price, this lens has really outperform my expectations.
There will always be better lenses, but at a higher price too.
For what it is worth, this lens is definitely great.
But photographers got to know what they need.
I would say this lens can be very useful in studio work, landscapes, and as what I have written above,
certain wildlife and even sports.

AN image of the lens with the GFX50r

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