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Fujifilm XF33mm F1.4 R LM WR.


Exciting day with announcements from Fujifilm
Lots of new products

( see my review on the GFX50s MK2 here )


And the new xf 33 mm f1.4 mm is one of them

The xf 35 mm f1.4 is one of the favourite lens amongst alot of Fujifilm users
It is incredibly sharp wide open, some people might comment that it is not weather resistant etc
But we still love it.

However, it was an old lens, and I think alot of people have been hoping for a mk2 version

Fast forward, there were rumours in the past about a 33mm f1.0 lens
However, Fujifilm decided to go for the 50 mm f1.0
and have a 33 mm f1.4 instead

As usual, the lens is well built, slim and easy to bring around.

There would be alot of online information about the technicalities of the lens
So I will not repeat the info here.

I was given a chance to play with the lens for a few days, and I will share my personal experience here




Whenever a new lens or camera is released,
I would always want to stress test it , and see how it performs under different challenging situations
The sharpness and AF focus will always be things to look out for

And of cos with an aperture of f1.4, I would also look at how the bokeh is.
The character and mood that comes out from the lens. ( the old 35 mm f1.4 is also known for producing images with great character)


All images here are taken with the XT4



I love the bokeh from the lens.
Check out the images above, both were shot from waist level wide open at f1.4
I love the very distinct pop out feel of the subjects from the background
Both images were shot very quickly. I was walking along the streets, and once I saw the gentlemen, I turned my camera from my waist, took the shot and moved off
I was very happy with the fast focus of the lens (definitely faster than the 35mm f1.4)
The light was not great, second gentlemen moved off very quickly, so I really only had that small window of time to grab that image.
But very happy that I nailed both the images




Then it started to rain
And as we know, there will be condensation on the windows of the air conditioned buses
So I started to look out for interesting elements for my next image
Shooting through the window panes ( with condensation and raindrops) , and also reflections

All the 6 images above were taken wide open also
I had expected the focusing to hunt a bit more, since the shooting conditions have become much more challenging
But I was wrong.
Even for the reflections ( it does get very dark) , the focus was spot on



I  especially loved the image above.
I was shooting through the glass panel, and there was a reflection of some words on the panel
A gentlemen was walking past, and I still managed to get the focus locked on his eyes
At f1.4 with some distraction ( the words) , it is common for lenses to miss the focus.
But again, the focus was accurate. And I am seriously loving the lens.

More images below





As you guys can see, I did not use the lens in a perfect scenario with great light or stationery subjects
I really wanted to see how it performs in more challenging environments
And it worked great.

As a wedding and travel photographer, I do get myself in locations when light is not perfect.
Cameras and lenses do help to make our jobs easier.

And this lens, the xf 33 mm f1.4, is definitely a lens that is an asset to the photographer who wants to create his next masterpiece.
Bokeh is great, focus is fast, lens is sharp, and it is weather resistant
The perfect lens for me

Of cos, people will compare this with the old 35 mm f1.4
Well… I am sure the 35 mm f1.4 still have a place in the hearts of many..
But if you want a faster focusing lens, that is weather resistant and sharp, the 33 mm f1.4 lens might be the one that ends up on your camera.

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