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The new Fujifilm XH2s + XF 150-600mm F5.6-8 R LM OIS WR Lens

After many many months of speculations, the new Fujifilm XH2s and XF 150mm to 600mm lens is finally announced during the X Summit moments ago

Thanks to Fujifilm Singapore, I was able to test out both the camera and lens in a recent trip to Adelaide

Lets take a look at how they look like when put together..

From the above image, the lens does look huge when mounted on the XH2s
However, the lens is much lighter than I have expected.
With a focal length like this, even though it is a f5.6 to f8 lens, I would have expected it to be much heavier.
But I am very happy with the very comfortable weight (1605g)
The lens has a internal zoom, which is good, as it prevents the lens from unexpected extending or creeping.

More images of the lens here

The XH2s has a different look as compared to the XT4
– It has a LCD screen on the top that resembles that of the GFX cameras ( same as XH1)
– Therefore it has a slightly thicker body as compared to the XT4
– It has also retained only 1 dial on the top of the body ( mainly for customisation modes and shooting modes, video and stills modes)
– We no longer have the ISO dials or the shutter speed dials on the top
– It does have a dedicated button on the top for ISO and WB
– One notable button we have is the video record button beside the shutter button (depicted by the red button) . When shooting stills, we can hold that red button, and it switches to video mode. Helps alot when we have to switch between stills and video for that moment

More images of the camera here

I have been waiting a long time for the release of the new lens
As a wildlife photographer, we would definitely need longer lens for our job
The current xf100-400 mm lens though good, we would need to have a TC if we need that extra reach.
But that would affect the quality of the images or video slightly.
WIth the new xf150-600mm lens, we would get a 900 mm focal length with the 1.5x crop factor.
This is definitely amazing for us.
And if we need anything more, we can still attach the TC on this amazing lens.

The XH2s comes with a subject detection setting ( works like the face detect, but now can detect animals, birds, automobile, Motorcycle, airplane and train)

The AF is fast and reliable with the hight speed burst shoot.

Sports and wildlife photographers will love this combination

I was using the subject detection setting of the camera, with the lens on the following images.
It works very well.

it was a cold morning.. and I saw a pair of Kangaroos looking at my direction
Backlit situation, very far.. with the lalang swaying with the wind in front of the Kangaroo..
This was shot at 600 mm handheld with the XH2s.
ISO 2500 f8 1/500
The focus was fast and sharp (with the subject detect function) ..
All is good.

Besides using the new XF 150-600 mm lens, I also used the xf23mm f1.4 and xf50mm f1.0 lenses on the XH2s as I roamed the streets of Adelaide..

The focus is fast, and I loved the feel of the camera, much better than its predecessor XH1

More images in Black and white

Took some casual shots for my wedding couple as well

Some ending thoughts.. definitely love the new XH2s, with its fast focusing and speed. Alot of improvements.. you got to try it…

Will talk more about the video in another post soon.

The new xf150-600 mm lens is what I have been waiting for from Fujifilm for the longest time
Cant wait to get my hands on it once its available..

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