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Fujifilm XF 50 mm F1.0 lens

Finally the long awaited XF 50 mm f1.0 lens is here
The world’s fastest AF lens !!!

check out the video here

Thanks to Fujifilm Singapore, I managed to get my hands on the lens and try it out
Here is my experience with the lens..

Firstly, lets have a look at the lens
At f1.0, its definitely not a small lens..
however, I do feel that the weight is still manageable.
And as always, the Fujifilm lenses are always well built, love the solid feel of the lens

To have a feel of how big the lens is, I have taken a picture of it beside my
very used 56 mm f1.2 apd lens

definitely quite a difference there






Everyone will be wondering how is the performance of the lens ?
How is the autofocus, how does it perform in low light situation, how beautiful the images are from the lens etc etc
Yup.. will be sharing the images here, and also my thoughts about it

I decided to bring this lens out in the night to take some pictures.
(especially important for me as a wedding and travel photographer)
That will really push the limits of the lens..
The lens was mainly shot with the XT4, but i do have a few images taken with the XT3

Taking pictures of backlit shots can be challenging at times..
Especially when the aperture is wide open
And I do want to shoot wide open, because I do not want to push up the ISO

These are moving subjects, ( the first being the bus driver of a moving bus )
and the lens nailed it even when shooting at f1.0


Then I proceeded to try some panning shots
These shots are shot wide open as well… and I was very happy with the results


The following image happened by chance, I saw the lady in the bus framed by the reflection of the lights..
Usually such shots are very tricky, because of the tight frame, especially so in the nite..
But, the AF of the lens locked on to the image easily, and I managed to get that shot.


Generally, I do not shoot wide open for street photography,
And at 50 mm which is 75 mm on the XT cameras, its probably more associated with being a portrait lens..
But I decided to hit the streets with this lens anyway.. and I did not regret it..
I love the images that come out from this lens..
ANd I got used to the focal length very quickly

very versatile lens..
I can also photograph buildings with it


These are more spontaneous shots, where subjects appear suddenly, and the AF is fast enough to capture it


and more night shots..


At an aperture of f1.0, the bokeh is beautiful
Some images here to showcase the background blur

And of cos, it works great with portraits


I did not forget to take some photos in the day :p
I really enjoyed how the images popped out from the background..

And  users do not have to worry about bringing it out in the rain, as the lens is weather resistant
love the pinpoint focus framed by the raindrops

a couple more shots in the rain

When taking pictures with lenses with large aperture, I always worry about having it out of focus easily..
Especially when I have to shoot fast in the streets and even more so when i take pictures of silhouettes
But with this lens, I have less problems with that..

Even when taking quick candid shots of people, the focus is fast and precise

and lastly, portraits at f1.0 is just amazing


This lens is really a beauty
I love the quality of the images that come out from the lens
I think this lens will cater well to the portraits, wedding and travel photographers
Perfect for low light photography with fast AF. and very versatile in terms of the focal length
Also, if you are one of those who do not like to shoot in high ISO, this lens is perfect for you, cos with the huge aperture,
you really do not need to max out your ISO

And To be able to shoot a video at f1.0 …is really fantastic

Some might ask, how does it compare to the 56mm f1.2 lens ?
I have the 56mm f1.2 apd lens for a few years already..
There are times the 56mm apd lens hunts a bit.. despite the nice bokeh compared to the non apd lens..
But the 50 mm lens wins the 56mm apd lens hands down in these aspects.(nicer bokeh, hunts lesser)
The only advantage of the 56mm apd lens is probably the light weight..

Would love to have this lens in my bag eventually when its released..
Anyone wants to buy my 56 mm apd lens ? :p

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