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GFX + Fotodiox Adaptor

Recently bought a Fotodiox Adaptor for Canon lenses and Minolta Rokkor lenses
for use with the Fujifilm GFX

So decided to bring it out for some fun
Glad to have friends Derrick, Jonathan and Michael together chilling out..
All the images are taken with the canon 24mm f1.4 lens..
Will do another post for images taken with the Rokkor lens

Some images taken in my office with the Fujifilm GFX + Canon 24mm f1.4

Very shallow depth of field with this combination..









memories of kenya..
This was a reflection from my watch of my framed kenya image on the wall behind me..
still pretty sharp at that shallow depth of field



Trying out some shots while having lunch with the guys






Thanks to Michael for providing his Adidas UltraBoost for the fun shoot and hand model cum smoke provider Jonathan



















thanks JOnathan again for being the model















thanks Michael for being the model here
nice flare.. not photoshopped..  :p



And we ended the day with great food at ENBU Japanese restaurant..

everyone busy taking photos























After thoughts with the GFX + Canon 24mm f1.4 combination

Firstly, with the Fotodiox Adaptor.. everything is on Manual focusing.
With the peak focus of the GFX, its not really that difficult..
But of cos there will be times I missed the focus.. and get out of focus shot..
This is more obvious as I was shooting at f1.4
But really love the very shallow depth of field

If I were to use the lens with the GFX on 4:3 or 3:2 ratio..
vignetting is obvious.. and cropping is definitely required
But on 1:1 or 16:9, vignetting is not obvious..

In terms of sharpness..with the adaptor.. its definitely not as sharp as the original Fujifilm GF lenses
But its good enough..
I did not try any shots when stopped down to f5.6 or f8
Cos I do not see the need to
I am very happy with the GF 23 mm f4 lens
The only reason why I might use the canon 24mm f1.4 lens is if I am shooting in very dark places, so I can open up the lens at f1.4
Or I need/want that very shallow depth of field for the images..

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