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Fujifilm X-T30 at Sepang Race track

been really busy lately to blog much

but I have to write about this Little Giant.. the new Fujifilm X-T30

The X-T30 is smaller than the XT3, catering to a different user group.
At a much lower cost definitely

The X-T30 also has a joystick knob in place of the 4 directional pad compared to the X-T20
Which is defintiely more user friendly

The camera comes in silver, black and the very beautiful Graphite coating ( i love this color)
Picture here is taken with the new XF8-16 mm lens..




It comes with a built in flash .. different from the XT3, which does not have a flash.
And it also comes with a auto mode in the camera

So its clearly a camera meant for the normal consumers who might need these functions
But having said that, this camera is definitely a powerful camera
And I am sure professionals would love this camera as well.. as a 1st body or backup body.

The sensor in the X-T30 is the same X-Trans4 26.1 megapixel backside illuminated sensor as the one found in the XT3.

The base ISO on the X-T30 is now ISO160 as opposed to the ISO200 on the X-Trans 3 sensor of the X-T20. Extended ISO goes down to ISO80 and up to ISO51200

The X-T30 has an updated autofocus algorithm that is not on the XT3 yet ( will come later on XT3 as a firmware update)
– the face and Eye tracking has now been enhanced for stills and video. You got to go and try it !! its amazing !!!
– you can select the face you want to track using the LCD touchscreen panel or joystick
– non stop Phase detection AF. Faster focusing even when there is a big gap between subjects.

X-T30 does not have a battery grip.. understandably so, since it targets a differnt group of users. So using it with big lenses might make users feel uncomfortable when shooting at long hours.

I did not try the video functions of the X-T30
But you can easily find the specs online

The X-T30 uses the same battery as the other XT camera series

After talking about the specs of the camera above,
nothing is more important about using it !!!

Thanks to Fujifilm Singapore, we brought a group of hobbyists to Sepang Race track to take photos of racing cars..

ANd I was using the X-T30 + XF100-400mm lens for the trip
I wanted to really try out the camera and see how it performs in such conditions.

Because alot of consumers ( non Fujifilm users) will always ask this question..
Is Fujifilm cameras good for sports ? wildlife ? etc etc ( which I have shown with the XT3 in Kenya here
Is the focus good?
Well.. the pictures below will show you what the camera is capable of

Bear in mind, I am not a natural race car photographer
I do not do much panning shots, although I have no problems doing it.

So I decided to bring the camera out to try it at the race track
ANd boy am I impressed !!!!
This is only the 2nd time using this camera ( the first time being in Dubai for the Fujifilm Summit, will show the photos in another post)

The camera works incredibly well at the race track
The tracking is just fantastic
A small camera, but produces great results !!!

I really dun need to talk much anymore..
check out the images !!!

But if there is anything I have to complain about the camera, I would have preferred a locking system on the camera at the top dials.
Cos I have a tendency to turn the dials by accident..

Other than that, this really is a great camera..
For professionals who have a XT3 already, I will say this is a very good backup camera.




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