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A trip to my alma mater

have not been blogging much for the past few months due to heavy workload and travels
But definitely lots of images to post once I cleared my current work

decided to write something today not really about photography…

went back to my Alma mater, Fairfield Methodist Secondary School today with a few fellow fairsians.
We were there to form a panel, to talk to the graduating students about careers.
Yup.. a career talk some sort..
Amongst a few of us, there are entrepreneurs, lawyer, educator etc etc etc
Whats interesting about this sharing session was the experiences we had thru the years
to be where we are now. And of cos, my path from the Banking industry to a photographer.
How certain traits were important to us as we moved forward with our careers.

Hope the younger generation picked up a tip or two.. as they progress to make
their decisions in their next stage of their student life.

It’s been 20 years since I last went back to my school
Alot of things have changed, but it definitely brings back
lots of good memories..
Afterall.. I spent a good 10 years in Fairfield.
It was really great meeting up with ex teachers, ex schoolmates etc etc

And here’s a invitation from teachers to my fellow ’92 fairsians,
it would be nice to catch up with each other at our Founder’s Day Dinner,
or the school’s 125th anniversary next year.. (seems that its gonna be a big event)


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